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Digital Twin Fundamentals for Offshore Wind






May 13, 2024
Oct 4, 2024


Virtual (Live)

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Digital Twin Fundamentals for Offshore Wind

This one-day course provides a comprehensive introduction to the concept and practical implementation of digital twins in the offshore wind industry. Participants will gain a deep understanding of digital twin technology, its applications, benefits, and its crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency, predictive maintenance, and decision-making processes within offshore wind projects.

Who Should Attend

This course is tailored for professionals in the offshore wind industry looking to enhance their knowledge of digital twins and how they can be effectively applied in wind farm operations. It is suitable for engineers, project managers, data analysts, and anyone interested in the latest advancements in offshore wind technology. Whether you are new to digital twins or seeking to expand your expertise, this course provides valuable insights and practical skills.

Course Overview:

Understanding Digital Twins in Offshore Wind

- Key components and technologies involved in creating digital twins.

- Real-world applications and benefits of digital twins.

Building Digital Twins for Wind Farms

- The process of creating a digital twin for offshore wind farms.

- Data collection, sensors, and IoT devices.

- Data management, storage, and integration for digital twins.

- Hands-on exercises in setting up digital twin models.

Monitoring, Analysis, and Predictive Maintenance

- Real-time monitoring of offshore wind assets through digital twins.

- Data analysis, anomaly detection, and trend forecasting.

- Predictive maintenance and risk mitigation through digital twin insights.

- Case studies on improved maintenance strategies.

Digital Twins for Decision-Making and Optimization

- The role of digital twins in operational decision-making.

- Scenario analysis, optimization, and resource planning.

- Integration with existing systems and software.

- Future trends and advancements in digital twin technology.

Course Instructors

Espen Krogh

Senior Technical Advisor, TGS

Espen Krogh is a senior technical advisor in TGS and the chairperson of the OPC Foundation Wind Power Plant working group. In his career, he has worked his way from being SW developer in Kongsberg Maritime, to CTO- and eventually CEO in TGS Prediktor, a company that was acquired by TGS in 2022. Espen headed TGS Prediktor when the company was awarded and extensive real-time data management contract in the SSE/Equinor Dogger Bank project – the world’s largest offshore windfarm. TGS has data, expertise, and tools for the complete lifecycle of offshore windfarms.

Thibaut Forest

Principal Data Scientist, Equinor

Thibaut Forest is a principal data scientist at Equinor with a six-year track record in creating digital solutions for wind farms. His skills in understanding data and using machine learning have been key in a wide array of projects aimed at making wind farms more profitable. These projects include work on both traditional and floating wind farms.


Thibaut has led a team that watches over the health of wind farm equipment and is now working on new ways to use data to predict and prevent unexpected breakdowns. His work is especially important for the Dogger Bank wind farm, which is on its way to becoming the biggest of its kind in the world.

The course outline is subject to change and a detailed agenda will be shared after enrollment.

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