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EPCI Strategies for Offshore Wind Success






Nov 22, 2024


Virtual (Live)

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EPCI Strategies for Offshore Wind Success

The Offshore Wind Procurement course is a comprehensive one-day program designed to provide a deep understanding of procurement practices and strategies in the offshore wind industry. Participants will explore the intricacies of sourcing, contracting, and managing the essential components of offshore wind projects, such as turbines, foundations, and installation services.

This course delves into procurement concepts, risk management, vendor selection, negotiation techniques, and contract administration, offering a thorough insight into the procurement life cycle. Industry experts will share their practical experiences and insights to equip participants with the knowledge required to make informed procurement decisions.

Through interactive discussions, case studies, and real-world scenarios, attendees will gain the skills necessary to effectively manage the procurement process and contribute to the success of offshore wind projects.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will:

- Understand the EPCI phases and their significance in offshore wind projects.

- Gain insights into engineering, procurement, construction, and installation processes.

- Recognize the challenges and solutions in each phase.

- Learn about project management and risk management in EPCI.

- Be prepared to contribute effectively to offshore wind EPCI projects.

Who Should Attend:

This course is intended for professionals, stakeholders, and individuals directly involved in or impacted by the offshore wind industry's procurement aspects. This audience may include:

- Procurement Managers and Officers

- Project Developers and Managers

- Legal Experts in Energy Contracts

- Supply Chain and Vendor Management Professionals

- Regulatory and Compliance Officers

- Energy Analysts and Investors

- Government Officials and Policymakers

- Environmental and Safety Experts

- Operations Managers and Technicians

Course Outline:

Introduction: Offshore Wind Procurement

- Introduction to the offshore wind industry

- Importance of procurement in offshore wind projects

- Externalities effecting procurement strategies

Module 1: Understanding Offshore Wind EPCI (Morning Session)

  • Common contract standards and methodologies (contract package management) within offshore wind

  • The role and importance of EPCI contracts within the offshore wind sector

  • Overview of procurement strategies and methodologies

  • Contracting timelines and sequencing

  • Contract project management in offshore wind EPCI 

Module 2: The Role of Engineering within Procurement (Morning Session)

  • Engineering as a procurement tool for contracting

  • Design principles

  • Technical Challenges and Solutions

  • Design Verification and Validation

  • Quality Assurance and Control

Module 3: Procurement (Afternoon Session)

  • Procurement roles from both sides of the negotiation table

  • Importance of procurement sequencing

  • Sourcing suppliers and vendors for offshore wind projects (Balancing risk)

  • Supplier evaluation criteria, including safety, quality, and reliability

  • Supplier diversity and the inclusion of local businesses (Stakeholder management)

  • Successful supplier selection

Module 4: Role of Procurement within Project Management, Construction and Installation (Afternoon Session)

  • Offshore installation methodology

  • Safety and Environmental Considerations

  • Quality control during construction

  • Monitoring and reporting

  • Management of contracts and legal considerations

Course Instructors

Jason Folsom

Jason Folsom is a US Offshore wind expert with extensive and unique new market entry experience and a passion for the offshore wind industry in the United States. He has over his 15 years in the industry concluded over 3000MW of sales contracts (WTG and O&M) in the US and Europe. He has a deep understanding of the US energy markets as they relate to offshore wind, as well as country specific requirements for broad market success. Jason has an extensive network of stakeholders including US based clients and developers, federal and state government, as well as industry advocates. He has a broad knowledge of market specific development opportunities relating to offshore wind in the US and Canada.

The course outline is subject to change and a detailed agenda will be shared after enrollment.

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