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Offshore Wind Upskilling Course






June 4 - June 6, 2024
Oct 15 - Oct 17, 2024


Virtual (Live)

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Offshore Wind Upskilling Course

The Offshore Wind Upskilling Course is a comprehensive three-day program providing a detailed exploration of the offshore wind project life cycle. This course is designed to offer a thorough understanding of the intricacies within the rapidly evolving offshore wind industry. 

The course is instructed by a team of esteemed experts with extensive experience in various aspects of offshore wind projects. It is tailored to equip participants with the knowledge necessary to navigate the challenges and opportunities within this industry.

Course Objective:

The course objective for the Offshore Wind Upskilling course is to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of the offshore wind industry, covering project development, design and construction, operations, and decommissioning. Attendees will gain insights into the intricacies of offshore wind projects and the essential skills required to contribute to this dynamic field.

Who Should Attend? 

  • Industry Professionals: This course is ideal for professionals within the energy and offshore wind sector who aim to expand their knowledge in this field.

  • Companies in Offshore Wind: Individuals and organizations actively engaged or considering entry into offshore wind development will find this course beneficial.

  • Suppliers and manufacturers looking to broaden their understanding of the offshore wind industry

  • Government Personnel: Government employees looking to enhance their understanding of offshore wind projects, regulations, and the broader industry will benefit from this program.

  • Cross-Industry Professionals: Individuals from diverse professional backgrounds seeking to leverage technical insights from the American Offshore Wind Academy are also welcome to participate.

Course Outline

Day 1: Project Development

- Introduction to the Course

  - Welcome and Course Overview

  - Course Objectives

- Onshore to Offshore Wind

  - Offshore Wind Market Trends

  - Key Players and Developments

  - Market Challenges and Opportunities

- Offshore Wind Farm Components

  - Components and Infrastructure

  - Key Design Considerations

- Overview of Development Process

  - Stages of Offshore Wind Project Development

  - Permitting and Environmental Considerations

  - Stakeholder Engagement

- Feasibility Analysis and Site characterization

  - Data Collection and Analysis

  - Metocean Assessment

- Wind Energy Assessment

  - Geotechnical Surveys

- Geophysical Surveys

  - Environmental Impact Assessments

  - Data Integration and Decision Making

- Leasing & Permitting

  - Regulatory and Licensing Requirements

  - Leasing Process

- Initial Design Concepts

  - Financial Feasibility

  - Permitting Challenges and Solutions

- Financing

  - Investment Considerations

  - Project Financing and Investment Structures 

  - Financial Risk Management

Day 2: Design and Construction

- OSW Project Design

  - Advanced Design Aspects and Considerations

  - Detailed Engineering

  - Technology Selection

  - Offshore Wind Turbine Technologies

  - Electrical Infrastructure

- Transmission

  - Electrical Systems Overview

  - Substations and Grid Connection

  - Power Transmission Challenges

  - Submarine Cable Systems

  - Installation Challenges

  - Maintenance and Repairs

-  Procurement Strategies

  - Procurement Process

  - Vendor Selection

  - Contractual Agreements

- Construction Management

- Installation Planning

  - Supply Chain Management

  - Construction Coordination

- On-Site Construction

  - Safety Protocols

  - Quality Control

- Ports and Vessels

  - Port Infrastructure

  - Vessel Types and Operations

  - Logistics and Efficiency

Day 3: Operations and Decommissioning

- Operations and Maintenance 

  - Maintenance and Repairs

  - Performance Optimization

  - Health, Safety, and Environmental Considerations

  - Remote Monitoring and Control

  - Data Analytics

  - Cost Reduction Strategies

- Monitoring

  - Environmental Impact Monitoring

  - Wildlife and Habitat Conservation

  - Stakeholder Engagement in Operations

- Regulatory Framework Overview

  - Ongoing Regulatory Compliance

  - Evolving Offshore Wind Policies

  - Environmental and Safety Standard

- Safety, Compliance, and Statutory Training

  - Safety Protocols and Training

  - Compliance Monitoring

  - Statutory Requirements

- Decommissioning

  - Decommissioning Process Overview

  - Environmental Remediation

  - Legal and Financial Aspects

- US - Looking Ahead

  - Future of Offshore Wind in the US

  - Emerging Trends and Opportunities

  - Preparing for Industry Evolution

  - Course Conclusion and Certificates

Teaching Team

Jim Bennett

Former Chief of The Office of Renewable Energy Programs, BOEM

Jim Bennett, recognized both domestically and internationally as an expert on environmental review and development of natural resources on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), recently retired after 43 years of Federal service including more than seven years as the Renewable Energy Program Manager in Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM).  Under his leadership, the Program managed the upsurge in Atlantic renewable energy leases, the installation of the first OCS steel-in-the-water, and the approval of the first two commercial-scale wind farms in U.S. waters. Jim also led the Bureau’s Division of Environmental Assessment for many years. He now shares his vast experience and unique expertise with our new national offshore wind industry. He provides industry training and is currently associated with the highly ranked, full-service global business and technology consultancy Burns & MacDonnell.

Serene Hamsho

President, American Offshore Wind Academy 

Serene Hamsho serves as the President of the American Offshore Wind Academy, an innovative initiative backed by the industry leaders in the offshore wind sector. The Academy is dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of the offshore wind industry, both within the United States and on a global scale, through extensive education, training programs, and fostering collaborative efforts.

Serene has more than 14 years of diverse experience within the wind energy sector. Her career includes the role of Director of Technology and Innovation at Hexicon North America, where she focused on pioneering advancements in floating offshore wind technology. Prior to this position, Serene held the position of Senior Engineering Manager at Avangrid Renewables, where she was responsible for overseeing engineering activities pertaining to multi-billion-dollar offshore wind farm projects across North America. Her journey also encompasses a period as a Visiting Scientist at the MIT Energy Initiative, during which she played an influential role in the development of cutting-edge offshore wind technologies.

Jay Borkland

Director of Ports and Supply Chain, Avangrid

Mr. Borkland currently holds a Director position in Ports and Supply Chain Development at Avangrid Renewables in the U.S.  He is a Visiting Scholar at Tufts University in Massachusetts, teaching and conducting research in Offshore Wind and Sustainability. Mr. Borkland is also currently acting as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the U.S. Offshore Wind trade organization: The Business Network for Offshore Wind; and is an active participant in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), where he is an editor and contributing author for UNGC document development for its Sustainability and Ocean Renewable Energy programs. 

Over the past 38 years, Mr. Borkland has been involved in large infrastructure and energy projects, with over two decades of that in the Offshore Wind sector of the Ocean Renewable Energy arena.  He was the team lead for the development and construction of the first-in-the-nation Offshore Wind marshalling port facility in the U.S. in Massachusetts, and has acted as lead and/or contributing author for the Offshore Wind Infrastructure Master Plans for the states of MA, VA, NY, CT, NJ, NC and MD.  Today he stays active assisting Avangrid Renewables develop multiple Wind Farms in the U.S.

Adrienne Downey

Principal Engineer and Country Manager, Hexicon

Adrienne Downey is the Principal Engineer and Country Manager for Hexicon North America. Adrienne most recently was the Principal Engineer for offshore wind for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). During her tenure, Adrienne led NYSERDA’s nation-leading offshore wind program with the goal of reaching 9 gigawatts by 2035, and successfully procured an excess of 4.1 GW and associated port infrastructure: a total portfolio valued at over $22B USD.

Adrienne holds a degree in Chemical Engineer from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and a Masters in Sustainable Environmental Systems from the Pratt Institute in New York City. She holds numerous Board seats in support of the offshore wind industry including the National Offshore Wind R&D Consortium (NOWRDC), Offshore Wind California (OWC), Board Member of Marine Renewables Canada, and Advisory Board Member of the American Offshore Wind Academy (AOWA).

Theodore Paradise

Energy Partner, K&L Gates

Theodore Paradise is a Partner in the Energy, infrastructure, and Resources practice at the global law firm of K&L Gates in the Boston, New York City, and Washington, DC offices.  He has over 23 years of experience in the energy industry both in private practice and as the Chief Legal and Policy Officer for a European floating offshore wind developer, and as the Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer and Counsel for a US-based developer of subsea transmission for offshore wind.  Theodore was also in charge of transmission planning and system operations regulatory issues for a US grid operator.  Theodore has a deep understanding of US regulatory law, and has represented clients before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, in state public utility commission proceedings, and before the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and the Department of Energy.  He has worked with clients on project RFP strategy and submissions on the east and west coasts of the US.  Theodore has also been a leading policy voice on transmission for offshore wind and other renewables, educating law makers, legislators, and leading industry discussions on ways to address this industry challenge and steps that can help both scale and derisk project development, as well as participating in technical study groups.  He holds his Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. 

Richard Baldwin

Senior Scientist, McAllister Marine Engineering

Mr. Baldwin currently holds a position of Senior Scientist at McAllister Marine Engineering and his practice focusses primarily on supporting the offshore wind (OSW) industry currently developing off of the coasts of the U.S., as well as addressing coastal area impacts associated with global climate change. He is a licensed Professional Geologist in New York and in Pennsylvania, and an American Institute of Professional Geologists Certified Professional Geologist. He is an Adjunct Professor in the Earth Sciences Department at State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Over the last 36 year, Mr. Baldwin has been providing subject matter expert (SME) expertise and consulting services associated with projects involving ports and harbors/waterway infrastructure studies, OSW development (including its local, national and international supply chains), OSW vessel logistics strategies, storm recovery and remedial actions, resiliency, flood-event evaluations, environmental investigations at industrial, private, federal and publicly-owned facilities. He has been involved in multiple state-led OSW ports studies and OSW strategic plans for a multitude of states including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and Virgina. He has designed and implemented environmental investigations, remediation work plans, evasive species identification and eradication programs, bathymetric surveys, geotechnical evaluations, regulatory permit evaluation/acquisition, contractor evaluation/oversight, and public awareness and education. In his volunteer life, Mr. Baldwin as a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician for the East Moriches Community Ambulance and is a Board Member of the Peconic Land Trust.

Jordan Shoesmith

Commercial Director, Copenhagen Offshore Partners

Jordan is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the offshore wind energy sector. Currently serving as the Commercial Director at Copenhagen Offshore Partners with a focus on exploring and assessing offshore wind business opportunities in emerging markets. Jordan's extensive expertise spans various areas, including offshore wind energy procurement, project management, financial modeling, and policy analysis. 

Beyond these responsibilities, Jordan is actively involved in the industry's growth and development. This involvement includes serving on the Board of Directors of the US National Offshore Wind Research & Development Consortium and his role in the educational landscape as an instructor at various universities and academic institutions.

Jason Folsom

US Offshore Wind Market Expert

Jason Folsom is a US Offshore wind expert with extensive and unique new market entry experience and a passion for the offshore wind industry in the United States. He has over his 15 years in the industry concluded over 3000MW of sales contracts (WTG and O&M) in the US and Europe. He has a deep understanding of the US energy markets as they relate to offshore wind, as well as country specific requirements for broad market success. Jason has an extensive network of stakeholders including US based clients and developers, federal and state government, as well as industry advocates. He has a broad knowledge of market specific development opportunities relating to offshore wind in the US and Canada.

Sarah McElman

Lead Consultant, Metocean Expert Americas

Sarah McElman is a metocean analyst with a background in spectral wave modeling, computational fluid dynamics, and scale model testing. She is the former metocean lead for Avangrid Renewables and has over 10 years of experience in offshore site assessment for fixed and floating projects in the United States, Europe, and Asia. While at Avangrid, Sarah managed metocean buoy, FLiDAR, and other measurement campaigns across the US and Europe, in addition to leading the metocean dimensions of new business, development, and operational preparedness. Prior to joining Avangrid, Sarah was a computational modeler at Deltares and MARIN.

Luke Liu

Director of Flagship Investment, CIP

Luke is a Director on CIP’s Flagship Investment Team and has 10+ years of energy infrastructure investment experience. At CIP, Luke focuses on the origination and execution of CIP’s transactions in North America including offshore wind, onshore renewables, storage and transmission. Prior to joining CIP, Luke was a Director at Kindle Energy and a Vice President in Macquarie’s Green Investment Group. Luke started his career at Macquarie Capital in the principal investing group, focused on structured equity and debt investments. Throughout his career, Luke has transacted on over 10+ GW of renewable energy assets and raised over $3+ billion of project capital.  Luke received his BA from Columbia University and his MBA from Northwestern Kellogg School of Management.

The course outline is subject to change and a detailed agenda will be shared after enrollment.

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