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OSW Risk Management, Insurance & Marine Warranty Surveying






Nov 15, 2024


Virtual (Live)

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OSW Risk Management, Insurance & Marine Warranty Surveying

This comprehensive one-day course delves into the essential aspects of risk management, insurances, and marine warranty surveying within the offshore wind energy sector. Participants will gain in-depth insights into the history and functioning of the insurance industry, the acquisition process for insurances, and the fundamentals of risk management. The course will provide a nuanced understanding of risks and perils specific to offshore wind projects, both from the perspective of project owners and supply chain companies.

In the marine warranty surveying section, participants will explore loss prevention strategies and the areas of assurance review. The course culminates with an examination of the claims management process and real-world case studies to illustrate the practical application of the knowledge gained.

Who Should Attend:

This course is tailored for a diverse group of professionals involved in or impacted by the offshore wind industry, including:

- Project Developers and Owners

- Supply Chain Companies

- Insurance Professionals

- Risk Managers

- Marine Warranty Surveyors

- Offshore Wind Project Managers

- Energy Analysts

- Financial Analysts

- Regulatory and Compliance Experts

- Legal Professionals in Renewable Energy

- Individuals interested in deepening their understanding of risk management and insurance in offshore wind

This course caters to a broad spectrum of professionals seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of risk management, insurance, and marine warranty surveying in the offshore wind energy sector.

Session 1: Introduction to Risk Management (10 am - 11 am)

1.1. Understanding the History of Insurance

1.2. Exploring the Insurance Marketplace

1.3. Navigating the Insurance Acquisition Process

1.4. Fundamentals of Risk Management

1.5. Diving into Risks and Perils

1.6. Examining Different Types of Risk Management

Session 2: Offshore Wind Risk Management (11 am - 12 pm)

2.1. Risk Management for Project Owners

2.1.1. Defining a Risk Profile

2.1.2. Asset Insurance

2.1.3. Liability Insurance

2.1.4. Revenue Insurance

2.2. Risk Management for Supply Chain Companies

2.2.1. Establishing a Risk Profile

2.2.2. Asset Insurance

2.2.3. Liability Insurance

Break (12 pm - 1 pm)

Session 3: Marine Warranty Surveying (1 pm - 2 pm)

3.1. Overview of Loss Prevention

3.2. Areas of Assurance Review

3.2.1. General Considerations

3.2.2. Vessel Assessments

3.2.3. Module Evaluations

3.2.4. Piling Inspections

3.2.5. Installation Safety

3.2.6. Assessment of Pipelines & Cables

3.2.7. Ensuring Inshore Completion

Session 4: Claims Management Process (2 pm - 3 pm)

Session 5: Case Study (3 pm - 4 pm)

Course Instructors:

Benjamin A. Brown

Senior Vice President, INpower

Benjamin A. Brown is INpower’s Senior Vice President of Clean Energy and Managing Director of US Offshore division based in Portland, Maine. Mr. Brown brings more than 12 years of technology and project development experience to INpower from the offshore wind, marine hydro kinetic, aquaculture, and renewable biofuel industries. Prior to joining INpower, Mr. Brown worked on behalf of the Business Network for Offshore Wind where consulted with companies on technology commercialization, supply chain entry, and project development needs; while also consulting with federal agencies and state governments on the impacts of policy and regulation. Before entering the insurance field, Mr. Brown operated as project development professional who helped start-ups, non-profits, and growing companies in the development of over $100 million in projects.

Sean Murphy

Renewables Manager, ABL Group

Sean is a Chartered Engineer and, as Renewables Manager, he leads ABL’s renewable energy projects and market growth within the US. He is experienced in renewables marine warranty surveying (MWS) and has also supported clients from a loss management perspective in investigating numerous incidents involving damage to energy infrastructure equipment. He has provided risk assessments and marine warranty surveys for complex load outs, cable transport and installation, heavy lift project cargoes, and tows. He has carried out analyses for various early-stage fixed and floating offshore wind projects, including T&I strategies, logistics studies, CAPEX estimations, O&M strategy development and OPEX modelling, and associated project management. Working in engineering and marine / offshore surveying for over 10 years, Sean is also experienced in carrying out and coordinating surveys on behalf of various insurance interests (including H&M, cargo, and P&I), acting on behalf of owners in mitigating and investigating losses, providing naval architecture and marine engineering analyses, reporting and testifying in numerous expert witness cases, and conducting research into loss prevention and claims mitigation initiatives.

The course outline is subject to change and a detailed agenda will be shared after enrollment.

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