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Applications of AI in Offshore Wind






July 18, 2024


Virtual (Live)

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Applications of AI in Offshore Wind

This one-day course provides an in-depth exploration of the practical applications of Artificial Intelligence in the offshore wind industry. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how AI technologies are revolutionizing offshore wind projects, from optimizing maintenance and operations to enhancing energy production and environmental impact assessment.

Who Should Attend:

- Offshore wind project managers and developers

- Energy industry professionals seeking AI integration insights

- Environmental experts and regulators

- Researchers and academics in the renewable energy sector

- Those interested in the intersection of AI and clean energy

This course offers a valuable opportunity to explore the transformative potential of AI in offshore wind, equipping participants with the knowledge to harness these technologies effectively in their own projects and organizations.

Course Outline:

AI Fundamentals and Offshore Wind Integration

Introduction to AI in Offshore Wind

  - What is AI, and how does it work?

  - The role of AI in renewable energy

  - AI applications in offshore wind: A global perspective

AI in Offshore Wind Operations

  - Predictive maintenance and asset management

  - Monitoring and diagnostics with AI

  - Case studies of AI-driven operational efficiency

-AI in Wind Resource Assessment

  - Optimizing wind farm layout and design

  - AI-driven weather forecasting

  - Enhancing energy yield assessments

Practical Applications and Future Trends

AI for Environmental Impact Assessment

  - Wildlife monitoring and mitigation strategies

  - AI in offshore wind's role in sustainability

  - Real-world examples of AI-driven environmental assessments

AI-Enabled Decision Support Systems

  - Integrating AI into offshore wind project decision-making

  - Advanced data analytics and reporting

  - Best practices and emerging trends

The Future of AI in Offshore Wind

  - AI-driven innovations and emerging technologies

  - Industry trends and future prospects

  - Preparing for the AI-powered offshore wind landscape

Course instructors

Beccie Drake, CEng MICE

Offshore Wind Digital Lead, Arup

Beccie leads digital within Arup’s offshore wind sector, combining Arup’s deep expertise with advanced digital technologies and data to enable offshore wind to scale-up and help deliver a net-zero energy system.

Beccie is a chartered civil engineer, with a background in offshore energy and maritime structures. Beccie has 12 years varied experience within the renewable energy sector.

Beccie is passionate about delivering innovative energy projects and digital engineering services for global clients that support step-changes in our industry; a recent example being delivery of the Future Offshore Wind Scenarios project for the UK Government, The Crown Estate and Crown Estate Scotland that used Arup’s cutting-edge offshore wind deployment & LCOE model, SCALE.

Beccie completed the Arup University Masters ‘Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in the Built Environment’ in 2020 in association with Kings College London, and sits on various Renewable Energy Data & Digital Steering Groups. These include the UK’s Offshore Energy Data Architecture Programme, the UN Global Compact: Enabling Data-Sharing in Offshore Renewable Energy Development within the wider UNGC Ocean Stewardship Programme and on Renewable UK’s Shadow Board.

Beccie continues to develop her own interest and understanding in artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches applying these to industry projects, client problems and the development of digital services.

The course outline is subject to change and a detailed agenda will be shared after enrollment.

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